CheapDotNet provides the control and reliability needed to create a powerful website presence.

As a business you look good if your site is fast and always available. has been successfully focusing on Super Fast and Highly Reliable ASP.NET Hosting. provides a full range of web and domain hosting services to an international customer base. We specialise in reliable high-speed Windows 2008 and IIS 7 servers. We concentrate only on Windows and ASP.NET platform to give you better customer support.

We offer windows and ASP.NET web hosting at a cheap and affordable price. All hosting plans support the ASP.NET hosting platform , PHP, Perl, Fast CGI, Flash and much more. Switch your ASP.NET hosting and Windows web hosting to us with no downtime and let us take care the migration process. Simply Sign up with us and we will guide you on the process. Guaranteed No Downtime Ever during the switching.

Our control panel has been designed and developed from ground by our own developers. It is built with ASP.NET AJAX and fully support automatic installation of web portal software. Whether you want to have blogging site, forum site, e-commerce site, photos site, we have it all. From DotNetNuke, Community Server, PHPbb, SiteFinity, Joomla , Mambo , Coppermine and much more. Check this URL to see the full list of our automated portal software.

Compare Windows and ASP.NET Web Hosting Accounts - Need Microsoft ASP or ASP.NET on your next Windows web hosting account? Plan on operating your windows web hosting site using MS SQL Server 2000? View our Shared Windows Hosting Comparison to see which accounts have ASP, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, PHP, MySQL databases and other important .NET web hosting features.

Free Site Builder to Manage and Design your Website
Want to save cost on hiring web designers or web developers in designing your website. You can try our Site Builder that is given free on all hosting plan. There are hundreds of professional templates available for you to choose and applied to your website instantly. You don't need to have any experience in web design or development. Everything is on wizard based and full WYWIWYG HTML Editor to edit your site. You can change your website design anytime and at anywhere you like. It is just like a full featured CMS on your website. And the best thing is we give this for FREE.

Install Blogging Software, Forums, Photos , E-Commerce , CMS on your site
With growing list of automated software installer, you can be rest assured that you can install the latest software and portal on your website automated and instant without have to contact our support. Our Development team continuously upgrade our latest software portal list to make your life easier, so you can have latest DotNetNuke, Joomla, SiteFinity in your website instantly.

Windows Sharepoint Services hosting
Host your Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) with us and we provide very cheap and reliable Sharepoint hosting for you. With just one off installation fee of $15 , you can have Sharepoint installed and there is no additional monthly fees.

SQL Server Express 2008 Hosting and SQL Server 2008 Hosting
We have just installed SQL Server Express 2008 and SQL Server 2008. This allow you to host your website using the latest SQL Server DB from Microsoft. SQL Server 2008 offer lots of performance enhancement compare to SQL Server 2005. All our hosting plans have SQL Server 2008 Express features enabled. This allow you to install DotNetNuke, Community Server or ASP.NET Starter Kit on our $4 plan.

More flexibility than ever with our pure .NET control panel!
CheapDotNet provides you with unparalleled account management and control with the most powerful control panel in the hosting industry, written entirely in .NET. Our control panel allows you to automate most of your web hosting task without have to contact support. Features include MSSQL Automation,Website creation automation,FTP User Automation,Setting IIS properties automation and etc.

Host multiple websites and applications in a single web hosting account!
All our windows and ASP.NET hosting plans offered above were designed to host multiple domains and web applications in a single hosting account. You can simply buy addons if you need to host more websites allowed than your quota.

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All we do is to help everyone like you to have the best web hosting services.