Mambo Web Hosting

Existing Clients allows our existing customers who are still using the previous version of Mambo to upgrade to the latest Mambo available on the market. The request can simply be made through the control panel and your Mambo website will be converted in 24-48 hours time. Nothing is even simpler than the request through the control panel.

Potential (New) Clients

New clients can automatically install the latest Mambo via the control panel, with one single click, at no additional costs. Starting from the Starter Hosting package, you can start hosting your websites on Mambo and enjoy all its new features and technologies.


Client needs to ensure that his hosting package does have one new MySQL database available for the installation. Without the availability of the MySQL database, the free installation will not work and hence, your Mambo cannot be installed.

Mambo Profiles

What is Mambo?

Mambo! Chances are you’re familiar with it or have at least heard of it. If not, you’ve no doubt visited a site built on the Mambo platform without even knowing it. So what is it? Well, Mambo is a fully featured content management system (CMS) that can be used to build and maintain a web site. It’s a user friendly intuitive tool that allows both novices and experts alike to efficiently and easily manage online content.

What are the benefits of Mambo?

The biggest advantage of Mambo is the fact that you do not need to have any knowledge of web programming - the page editor that is included in the installation, allowing you to insert text, images and links to other webistes in the same way you do that in a word processor - no need to look for your host settings and upload files using FTP.When you are done, just click the Save and Publish buttons, and the page will appear online!

Why Hosting Mambo With Us?

  • Mambo is one of the best open source CMS applications
  • offers true 24-7-365 telephone and E-mail tech support and free Mambo AutoInstallation and Mambo specific technical support with all of our  packages
  • At you will find many useful resources for creating, maintaining and growing your Mambo website
  • Rich web hosting features
  • Mambo-optimized servers
  • Mambo expert support team
  • FREE Mambo installation, template, and tutorial
  • FFREE Mambo component and Mambo forum addons

What are the features of Mambo?

  • Advanced and separate system administation system.
  • Advanced package/addon/template deployment system.
  • Simple but powerful template system (written mostly in HTML, no complex templating syntax to learn, just a couple of PHP functions to include).
  • Heirarchial user access groups.
  • Basic visitor statistics.
  • Multiple WYSIWYG content editor support.
  • Simple polls.
  • Content voting/rating
  • Source code is completely free.
  • A large and healthy user and developer community.
  • Provides a basic level of content approval for registered users.
  • Online help
  • Page caching mechanism to improve performance on busy sites.
  • Trash manager
  • Advertising management (banners, etc).
  • Media (images, documents) upload and management.
  • Content display scheduling.
  • Content syndication (RSS).
  • Search engine freindly (SEF) URL's.
  • Internationalisation (interface translation).
  • Content macro language (aka mambots).