Our Features

Automated .NET Control Panel
We provide a complete automated .NET control panel for your account. Here you can set-up FTP logins, add web sites. With the power of our .NET control panel, you'll be able to add or change domains, sub-domains, domain alias, domain redirect, email accounts, email alias, email forwarder, email lists, autoresponders, and many other functions to your hosting account easily and conveniently by yourself 24/7 without our aid.
Live Stats Server
Each web site we set-up in your account comes with it's own Live Graphic rich view of the stats of activity on your web site. You can see who is on your site , what pages they viewed, how long they viewed them for and a whole lot more. Also our stats databases will maintain a history of your statistics so you can compare activity of your web site over time.
Web Based Email Client 
You can access, read, reply and send email from any web browser anywhere from the internet. Simply go to webmail.CheapDotNet.com login and you can utilise the power of a mail client in your web browser. Just another example of the rich windows and ASP.NET web hosting environment CheapDotNet.com provides at low cost.
Unlimited Mailboxes, Auto responders, Forwarders
On all our accounts you can have as many POP3 mailboxes( standard internet mailboxes), auto responders, forwarders, aliases as you like. We have no restrictions to how many you want to set-up. We do not have restrictions on how much mail you can send and receive but we will contact you if your mail causes a problem with our mail server and will help you to sort out any problems. This only occurs if you have around 100MB in your mailbox and you are sending and receiving 50MB a day. It is against our terms and conditions to Spam or send unsolicited email messages of any size or volume.

Depending on what account you choose you can set-up 1 to 55 web sites with no extra costs. Each web site comes configured with it's own mail server (mail.domain.com), statistics server, FrontPage extensions, log files and directory structure. For instance for $20 a month you can have up to six web sites. At this price most web sites only give you one web site. CheapDotNet.com is the leader in multiple web sites in one low cost hosting account.

FTP Login(s)
To access your windows and ASP.NET web hosting account we give you a master FTP login to access all your directories (data, web sites, log files etc) from the one login. You can also (depending on your hosting package) set-up multiple FTP logins to individual directories within your account of your choice. This allows you to give an FTP login to specific people in your business, family members etc. Each person can have FTP access only to the projects or areas that you want them to have access to. This is also good for web designers where they want their clients to have access only to their web directories.

Unlimited FTP & FrontPage updates
We have no restrictions on the number of updates or changes or uploads you wish to make to any of your web sites. Make as many changes, updates or uploads as you like. Smaller ISP's on personal accounts sometimes restrict how much you can update your site but no windows web hosting company charging you more than $5 per month would put such a restriction.

FAQ Knowledge base
We have one of the biggest web hosting knowledge bases with hundreds of questions and answers to typical hosting related questions. We add to this every day expanding our knowledge base to answer your common questions and save you time. Click here to view the CheapDotNet.com knowledge base Online Support Database - All support queries sent to us by email or via our web based control panel are recorded in our support database and attached to your account. This gives you a complete history of support requests and answers your can reference at any time.

FrontPage 2002 Extensions
Each web site you set-up with CheapDotNet.com in your hosting account can be configured with FrontPage 2002 extensions. FrontPage is an excellent tool for the novice or experienced developer to access and edit the site quickly and easily. If you work on ASP pages and use Visual Interdev FrontPage 2002 extensions let you work directly with your web site from Visual Interdev. Click here for information on Microsoft FrontPage

Unlimited FrontPage Sub webs
With FrontPage sub webs you can effectively set-up a new web application in a new folder that will work like another web site i.e. www.yourdomain.com/anotherweb  These FrontPage webs run in their own application space, what this means is you can have variables in your ASP page, like Application and Session variables that are not used in other webs. Also you can specify a different global.ASA file for each web folder.

SSI enabled
SSI (Server Side Includes) is a really useful, and convenient way to create web pages that contain 'common' content.. The menu on this web page for instance, is added dynamically to the 'base' web page using SSI. What this amounts to is that every page on this website can be altered or modified just by changing the content of a 'separate' single menu page. You can also use SSI to 'call' a cgi script which will then also change or update the web page 'on the fly' whenever necessary. Many 3rd party cgi applications such as guest books, and ffa pages require SSI to be accessible on the webserver. (SSI is inclusive in all of our hosting accounts)

MySQL databases
MySQL is the industry standard database server application based on the familiar SQL databases. The addition of a MySQL databases to this account doesn't reduce the disk space, nor bandwidth allocated to the package as it is served separately by our MySQL server. MySQL database driven applications are becoming a 'must' for those businesses who want a fast, and comprehensive online catalogues for their business.
MS-SQL Server
SQL Server 2000 exceeds dependability requirements and provides innovative capabilities that increase employee effectiveness, integrate heterogeneous IT ecosystems, and maximize capital and operating budgets. SQL Server 2000 provides the enterprise data management platform your organization needs to adapt quickly in a fast-changing environment.With the lowest implementation and maintenance costs in the industry, SQL Server 2000 delivers rapid return on your data management investment. SQL Server 2000 supports the rapid development of enterprise-class business applications that can give your company a critical competitive advantage.
SQL Server Web Data Administrator
The SQL Server Web Data Administrator enables you to easily manage your SQL Server data, wherever you are. Using its built-in features, you can do the following from Microsoft Internet Explorer or your favorite Web browser:

  • Create and edit databases in SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000)
  • Perform ad-hoc queries against databases and save them to your file system
  • Export and import database schema and data
  • Manage users and roles
  • View, create and edit stored procedures

Catch-All Email Address
If someone sends an email to a mailbox on your mail server that does not exist, instead of returning it to the sender you can catch it in a "catch all" email mailbox. This is great for catching those email messages where the sender has typed the email quickly containing a typo which means it would normally "bounce"- this will help protect against missing all those important emails that might otherwise go astray.

Real Time Web Based Email Administration
Administer all your mail servers through one customisable web based interface. Set-up mailboxes, auto responders, forwarders and aliases directly yourself. There is not waiting for our tech support staff to do this for you.

Access to Raw Log Files
Whenever someone accesses your website the web server records as much detail about the connection as possible: IP address, length of time, web browser, amount downloaded etc. We set-up our web servers to record the W3SVC Extended Log format to catch everything about the connection to your web site as possible. We store all the log files for all your web sites in a directory called "logs", here you can download these text files to your computer and analyse them with your own web server stats software. Our graphic stats server also uses these logs and stores a copy of the data in it's own database.

Unlimited Domain Parking
Domain parking is where you want to register a domain but do not necessarily want to activate it as a web site or mail server,you just want to register the domain for use at a later date. You can park as many domains as you like on our domain name server. You can even register the domain through us for a very low registration fee.

Unlimited Domain Redirects
You may want to register a domain and redirect it to another web site or IP address, you do not want a web site or mail server for the domain. You can set-up as many domain redirects as you like. Click here for information on BIND DNS for NT Unlimited Domain Pointers- A domain pointer is where you might want to have several domains pointing to the one web site i.e. www.my-site.com and also www.mysite.com plus as many other domains as you'd like, pointing to the one web site and mail server.

Unlimited Dynamic Domains
A dynamic domain requires a little ASP, PHP or CGI programming knowledge but is very simple to set-up. A dynamic domain allows you to detect what domain is pointing to the web site and depending on the domain you can redirect it to another web site or directory within your web site. This allows you to inexpensively have many web sites on the one account without asking us to set-up another website for you in our system. If you want a separate mail server, stats and log files for the web site you will have to have us set it up for you as another web site on our server. Dynamic domains are good for running the same web application or web site with different branding and imagery depending on the domain calling it.
Domain Name Registration
We are more than happy to register and transfer your domains. For many it can be a daunting process and our sales and support staff are happy to make this as straight forward and easy for you as possible. For us it's a very quick and easy process.