Community Server Hosting with

Existing Clients allows our existing customers who are still using previous version of Community Server to upgrade to the latest Community Server available on the market.The request can simply be made through the control panel and your Community Server website will be converted in 24-48 hours time. Nothing is even simpler than the request through the control panel.

Potential (New) Clients

New clients can automatically install the latest Community Server via the control panel, with one single click, at no additional costs. Starting from the Developer Hosting package (with an additional MSSQL database add-on), you can start hosting your websites on Community Server and enjoy all its new features and technologies.


Client needs to ensure that his hosting package does have one new MSSQL database available for the installation. Without the availability of the MSSQL database, the free installation will not work and hence, your Community Server cannot be installed.

Community Server Profiles

What is Community Server?

Community Server is an online community application built with ASP.Net which includes forums, blogs, photo galleries, and more. Community Server is used to power some of the web's top websites including and, and now it is available to you absolutely free. Community Server is the award winning platform for rapidly enabling both small and large online communities. The current Community Server platform includes: a discussion system, blogging system, photo gallery system, user profile management, advanced permissions system, extensible theme engine, and much more.

What are the Benefits of Community Server?

Community Server allows you to have your site up instantly with a Home Page, Blogs, Forums, Photo Galleries, and Files. You are able to manage your site using a built in control panel that allows you to manage your forums, members, and all the management features that you would expect. You have full access to all of your files so if you want to fully customize your site, there is nothing stopping you

Why Community Server?

Telligent Community Server is the proven enterprise social platform of choice. Trusted by Microsoft, Dell, MySpace and Intel, Its proven social software powers some of the largest and most demanding online communities in the world.


Community Server provides proven ROI and is built on Microsoft .NET 2.0 technology. With an integrated platform used in countless enterprise engagements, Community Server has been proven in the marketplace time and time again.


Community Server delivers enterprise-ready social networks and online communities and will do the same for you.

Why hosting Community Server with Us?

  • we support automated Community Server installation, building Blog, and Forums
  • Each web site is hosted in its own Isolated Application Pool for maximum security and reliability
  • 24/7 Technical support from our Cummunity Server Expert
  • Managed Backup / Recovery of customer data - Re-invent backs up all data daily and is available for recovery at anytime at your request
  • Fast and secure SQL 2005 and Web servers give you maximum reliability and performance
  • High Quality customer customer service second to none in the reseller hosting industry
  • We have Extensive experience with Community Server hosting, CS deployments and troubleshooting
  • windows hosting is compatible with the award-winning TelligentSystems Community Server knowledge management and collaboration application

What are the features of Community Server?

  • Designed for performance
    Community Server is the platform of choice by small and large organizations; For example, Microsoft uses Community Server for running many of its community oriented sites (such as

  • Designed to be secure
    From its SQL Server backend to its ASP.NET front-end and all the components in-between, Community Server has designed to be secure "out of the box", but also a platform upon which companies can confidently share secure and private information.

  • Unrivaled Permissions
    Community Server presents the site manager with an unrivaled set of options via a robust permissions system for controlling all user actions within the application. Coupled with auditing capabilities you know what is happening in your applications at all times.

  • Extensible
    With a skinning and theming system adopted by many other .NET applications Community Server allows for unparalleled flexibility with the end user interface (for example, and Now with the addition of Community Server modules you can now also use a rich set of extensible components and add-ons to do even more with your Community Server system.

  • Reference Application
    With the core source code published ( many imitations are available, but none can keep up with the rapid pace of innovation of Community Server. Community Server source is an often referred to reference used by thousands of .NET developers daily.

  • RSS, Email, and News Server support
    With features such as RSS and Secure RSS Community Server information is easily delivered in a variety of ways. Additionally through the News Server add-on and Email add-on your Community Server system is easily accessible on-line or off-line with any email client or news reader client.

  • Constant innovation
    In July of 2004 Community Server combined the first .NET forums, blogging, and photo gallery solutions into one cohesive platform. Bringing together a combined total of nearly 9 years of software and community creation experience. In September of 2005, Telligent acquired Dozing Dogs (a popular .NET Content Management System) and will begin to blend its functionality with Community Server as well.

  • Professional development
    With a team of over 30 software developers Telligent provides unparalleled support, developer capability, industry leadership, professional services and everything else you would expect from a professional software and services company.